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Thank you very much for organizing this training for our salon. Through this training, we have learned a lot of expertise. For example: the components of the hair, the growth cycle of the hair, and the different states of the rest period of the growth period. The principle of hair removal. As well as the assembly of the machine, how to use it, precautions, etc. Since its opening, it has been more than a month. When we explain with our customers, we make full use of the hair knowledge and hair removal principle that our social society gives us to fully communicate with customers. When we serve customers, we will learn the professional and meticulous attitude of Miss Hong. At present, this salon has received wide acclaim from customers. Thank you for introducing training for us and looking forward to more long-term cooperation in the days to come.


Huashanyuan Japanese Hair Removal Beauty Salon
NBS China Beijing agent
The flagship store is located in Beijing, and the franchise stores and direct stores are located in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Harbin, Chengdu and other regions. We have selected NBS among many hair removal machine manufacturers because NBS is not only a machine manufacturer, but also has more than a decade of hair removal salon operation experience in Japan.
In each of the shop training processes, in addition to the functional characteristics of the machine, the theory of hair removal, the most attractive is the guidance of Japanese-style services.
And there are unique insights and suggestions for the interior structure of each salon.
Through long-term cooperation with NBS, we have successfully absorbed NBS's unique Japanese-style service, and our customer satisfaction has been continuously improved.
The scale and popularity of our Huashanyuan store is gradually expanding.


It was a very good experience that nbs had training with us. Very patient and detailed during the training.trainin. The feedback of customers about the THR machine is great as well

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