NBS offer 'Love support' to customers

Reliable support after introduction of
CLEAR/SP series machines



We provide permanent support to assist our customers in developing and realizing an ideal salon.


Operational Support

We offer various records and advertisement data for free. We will support you to open a salon in a short period of preparation.


Self-contained manufacturer

NBS performs everything from production to sales. We can respond promptly should there are any troubles occurring.


Support Desk

Experienced and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions from owners and employees kindly and carefully.

Law Of Victory Esthe

Law Of
Victory Esthe

What is “LOVE Support” by NBS Co., Ltd.?

Together with salon owners, we provide supports based
on our direct know-how in salon management and
LOVE to build high-quality aesthetic salons.
Please consult with us on anything!

Training and management support
for purchasing stores

Our sales staff have hands-on experience as estheticians! With the help from our staff members who understand real-life situations, we can provide you with proposals based on your position as an owner!

A Comprehensive Training System

We will kindly provide a comprehensive information, from hair removal and facial treatment methods to manuals on counseling and skin health theories, for you to operate a hair removal salon as soon as tomorrow!

Management support for purchasing stores

Based on experiences of 500 salons, we also provide our know-how and model documents such as records, consent forms, etc. free of charge to stores that purchase our product. We will provide our utmost support for you to generate profit as an owner.

In the event of a problem or malfunction

A replacement machine will be immediately sent from the delivery center to the store, mainly from Japan or Hongkong office. Please contact us if you are in another country or region.

We are willing to visit you anywhere
across the country.

Free demonstrations by our experienced staff
at hair removal salons are available.

Questions and inquiries by telephone


Business hours [Monday - Friday] 10:00 - 18:00