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Hair removal machine for business use
CLEAR/SP-J series realizes the laser technology
for hair removal by consecutive irradiation


Reciprocating irradiation


Continuous irradiation from the SHR mode of Intense Pulsed Light hair removal gradually results in weakened light rays. Continuous irradiation must be provided in the same position but given that it is not very stable, it can only provide weak irradiation.


No need reciprocating irradiation


With its high accuracy and THR mode, it improves the speed of treatment and saves labor time due to its continuous irradiation, allowing more time and energy to be spent on customer service. In addition, due to its faster processing speed for hair removal, it can significantly decrease costs, such as costs for medical beds and labor expenses.

*Comparison with our company’s conventional products(Hair removal machine for business use)

THR shows significant hair removal effect
which has been improved disadvantage of SHR!

*Comparison with our company’s conventional products (Hair removal machine for business use)


*Comparison with our company’s conventional products (Hair removal machine for business use)

【Feature of THR Mode】It is possible to correspond to the wavelength range specialized for good hair removal and the light also easy to penetrate inside the skin and remove the soft hair, which was difficult to pull out, men’s beard and the skin of a delicate child.

Advantage of introducing THR Mode(Removing light)
equipped hair removal machine

Increase of Salon’s operation rate!Realizing of significant cost down!Shortening the duration of customer’s hair removal!
Increase of Salon’s operation rate!Realizing of significant cost down!Shortening the duration of customer’s hair removal
  • No need reciprocating irradiation 1,000,000 shots!!
  • 0.0016US$ per shot Price of a full body hair removal 3.13US$ *Facial・VIO inclusive
  • Full body hair removal 20minutes *Gel in use not wipe require

The Cooling Action on the
“Painful Sensation”
Related to Hair Removal

Variation of the radiation surface
of the commercial hair removal device,
CLEAR/SP-J, and the primary product
(compared with the device of this company)

Shift in temperature of the radiation surface

※The cooling level and the radiation level remain at the same level.
※Radiation experiment: includes 100 irradiations each time, followed by a 30 second pause, with an average of 2,000 irradiations for full body hair removal.

Amount of Radiation 0 100 500 1000 1500 2000
CLEAR/SP-J -10.4 -7.4 0.4 0.8 0.8 0.8
Primary product -3.1 0.9 7.7 12.3 14.3 18.1

Stabilizing function of the cooling hair removal

The average number of irradiations during body hair removal is 2,000. Even when primary products have risen to 18 degrees, CLEAR / SP-J steadily maintains its temperature of below 1 degree. Given that the irradiation surface directly touches the skin of the customer, “pain” is one of the factors that salons consider. In general, the higher the temperature, the greater the pain. Some children are sensitive to pain, and some people are sensitive to pain when beard is removed. If you use CLEAR / SP-J, you can reduce the mental stress associated with hair removal treatment and gain a competitive advantage.

What we want to inform

Don’t choose manufacturers
with a sales history of hair removal machines of less than 3 years

In 2004, we released the "CLEAR / SP series" and have been active in the hair removal business for more than 12 years by selling our consecutive irradiation light hair removal machine. Our company prides on its outstanding hair removal technology and know-how, our own machinery manufacturing processes and highly skilled staff. Salons using our machines have also been opened in large-scale shopping centers where the standards for setting up a business are strict.

In the event of a problem or malfunction

A replacement machine will be immediately sent from the delivery center to the store, mainly from Japan or Hongkong office. Please contact us if you are in another country or region.

We have the know-how of managing hair removal salons

Our long-standing management experience of over 30 salons such as “Adorable” which was rated as “No. 1 high depilation effect Hair Removal Equipment Manufacturer” on Rakuten Research, “Adm One the Men's, Slimming salon”, etc. will lead our customers to success in their business. We will also assist you in customer attraction and in educating employees. Our staff with hands-on experience will propose our employee education program “The Hair Removal Master” and customer attraction methods, etc. which will further enhance the feeling of the effect of our technology and immediately enable customers to manage their salons. (There are comprehensive materials that cover the topic of how hair works, the skin theory, treatment methods, contraindications, counseling manuals). We also provide free data forms such as medical records, consent forms, reservation tables as well as shop signs and advertisement materials.

We do not recommend 10-rapid-cycles

From our experience of selling all types of machines such as 4-, 6-, and 10 rapid-cycles per second versions, we cannot recommend the 10 rapid cycles version.
When it is more than 6 rapid-cycles, it only gives off light and there is no hair removal effect. (We have survey data) That means ... reciprocating irradiation becomes necessary. J creates continuous irradiation with using "light that really removes"! No reciprocating irradiation is required!!
When irradiation is reciprocating, treatment costs (lamp expenses) increase. Also, the machine becomes big, it is difficult to talk with customers because of the noise coming from it, the shipping costs will be higher and machine failures will happen more often, so the 10 rapid-cycles machines are not recommended by us.

When replacing the lamp,
the whole head gets replaced Our company does not recommend that

Machine manufacturers that change whole hair removal heads when replacing the lamp cannot just replace the lamp because they do not have their own factory. Changing the whole head will necessarily cost more. In our company’s hair removal machine, we use the highest class original lamp carefully produced by craftsmen of the world's largest lamp manufacturer from the UK.

The one-year warranty that comes
from self-confidence and
gives a peace of mind

Our machine almost never breaks. Cooling can be done after more than 8 hours of continuous work.
"Because we are a company that has been pursuing the hair removal business, we provide the one-year warranty that comes from confidence!"

We have the beauty equipment certificate

There is no need to worry that health authorities come in and judge the machine to be medical equipment and stop your depilation business!! At present, there is no clear distinction between beauty equipment and medical equipment, however, J is the only one in the industry to have a certificate stating that it is not medical equipment. You can operate your salon with confidence and a peace of mind!!!

"Delivering “low cost" and "high quality" products to salons anytime”
With that thought in mind NBS will continue its efforts on a daily basis.

We are willing to visit you anywhere
across the country.

Free demonstrations by our experienced staff
at hair removal salons are available.

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