Hair removal for children

「Further evolution of
hair removal machine
for business use CLEAR/SP-J# 」

Do you know that children also have worries?

  • Problem 01

    How can I get rid of my hair?

  • Problem 02

    I hate going to swimming pools
    because my body hair
    makes me stand out.

  • Problem 03

    People make fun of me
    and call me a hairy bear.

  • Problem 04

    I do not want to wear
    short-sleeved clothes.

To overcome their worries,
we have developed
“THR” x “Junior Mode”, a hair removal solution for children!

Development of light specialized
for skin quality

Safe and secure hair removal for children

Using conventional light, it is only possible to lower light intensity to be used on delicate children skin. However, since children has higher hormonal activity in growing hair than adults, lowering light intensity is not an efficient way to remove hair on delicate children skin. Due to that reason, there are many who claimed that “the equipment is not effective on children” or “it takes a long time and many repeats”. Therefore, we developed J#, which is equipped with a special filter that concentrates infrared light and junior mode selection and is able to “produce effective light that is gentle for the skin and is able to approach hair well” without reducing light intensity!

We respond to the increased
needs of hair removal in younger age!

Hair removal sites

Open pores will not show up easily in the future Skin care effect can also be expected!!

"Junior mode" designed exclusively for growing children.
he proprietary THR system of CLEAR/SP-J# does not require high temperature so it only causes extremely low skin irritation, and produces a special type of light that works effectively on the hair, preventing the hair growth itself, making it possible to safely clean the sensitive children skin.

In addition, we also have a filter dedicated to CLEAR/SP-J# junior mode for professional use.

Make your salon unique,
Equipped with an exclusive mode!

LEAR/SP J# and J models have the same basic mounting mode and exterior. In hair removal mode, J# has a more specialized mode. By using filters for specialized modes (dandy mode, ladies mode, junior mode), J# mode can perform more effectively for those with sensitive skin and children.
With our three-mode design, we are able to provide detailed settings for men, women, and children, which are difficult to realize in conventional hair removal tools! In addition, with the exclusive mode, it is possible for a hair removal salon to become different from other salons, providing an edge in this competitive industry.

Hair removal machine for business use CLEAR/SP-J#
Features of exclusive 3 modes

  • 01

    By delivering gentle light to your skin with a dedicated filter, you can perform a safe and secure hair removal.

  • 02

    There is no extra power output in the exclusive mode. It is possible to prevent troubles beforehand.

  • 03

    Not only suppressing hair growth, skin pores can also be tightened making your skin looks smoother.

We understand various troubles that our customers have.
Depending on hair and skin conditions, the optimum setting can be changed with 1 touch, preventing problems before they occur and at the same time providing a suitable hair removal solution for our customers.

Simple! You can change the setting
with one-touch operation!

Safe, secure, and effective product that sells very well

THR Mode with the most recent
type of light


Unlike conventional light that depends solely on pigments, the new light has a good penetration into the skin and affects hair growth, an effect that had been difficult to realize. In addition, it also moisturizes the skin while removing hairs with a thermal effect.

*Compared with our company’s conventional products (professional hair removal).


In order to increase the effects on men's peculiar, deeply penetrating and heavy beard and body hair, the output width is set high. With good light penetrating rate into the skin, since the light can be delivered firmly to the dermal papilla while keeping the strain on skin surface to a minimum, the rate of hair removal can be expected to be very high. Furthermore, stable cooling of the irradiated surface can greatly alleviate pain, reduce strain on the skin, and prevent skin troubles.

  • Dandy

    Nowadays it is common for men to be engaged in personal care. Many grooming products are available and “beard removal” service is commonly found in esthetic salons! There is also an increase in hair removal salons for men, and men beauty products will only be increasing in the future!

  • Ladies

    As more and more women become more socially advanced, sales of women beauty products are strong. The whole world boosts women’s beauty. Along with that, the demand for new types of treatment such as hair removal, skin care, treatment for thin and gray hair is increasing in esthetic salons for adult women in their 40s and beyond.

  • Junior

    Consumer confidence of adult women aged 40 and beyond who have children aged 10-18 is increasing, many of them are also interested in the beauty for their own children, and hair removal business has been booming. The era of "Beauty for Children", such as hair removal and excellent skin care of young people, has arrived!


Jis the latest tool developed to anticipate the needs of this era!

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