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a hair removal machine

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The Japanese-made continuous irradiation hair removal machine CLEAR/SP-J not only acts fast when removing hair, but it also has a better overall effect when removing hair! Moreover, it also helps to save time in salons and allows salons to better serve their customers. The continuous irradiation commercial hair removal machine, CLEAR/SP-J, provides one-way irradiation, and thus it does not miss an inch of skin when removing hair. Designed to operate completely silent, it does not affect the experience of the customer undergoing consultation. Compared with the 10-continuous irradiation model, the time required can be shortened by 20 minutes.

Light emission energy transition graph

Effective rapid-cycles technology!


Rapid-cycles irradiation with unstable effect(Causing missed spots)

Our company’s tower-type hair removal machine 10Hz

CLEAR SP-J creates steady and continuous "removing light",
so there is no need
for reciprocating irradiation!

Increased efficiency due to no need
for reciprocating irradiation

The THR mode does not require repeated irradiation. Compared with the original hair removal method of Intense Pulsed Light, it has transformed into both a “professional” and “deeply penetrating” Intense Pulsed Light hair removal machine that combines both high efficiency and safety!

*THR(Thermo Heat Remover)

Conventional depilation

Approach to the skin surface

Stimulation on the skin surface

THR Mode

Penetrates deep into the skin

With the light penetrating inside the skin instead of only affecting the skin surface, the machine demonstrates its high efficiency while reducing the burden on the skin

*Compared with earlier products (business-use hair removal machines) by our company.

Reduction in procedure times brings multiple benefits!

of the
Shortening of hair removal

Developments in light hair removal technologies
also support depilation for men and children

Conventional light

Are you having such problems?
・Because the skin surface is prone to get irritated, skin troubles such as pain and burns are likely to occur.
・There is less effect for beard and mustaches with deeper hair roots and for hair with thin pigmentation.


Are you having such problems?
・The output is unstable because shots are made with separated slight.
・It takes much time and labor because 2-3 reciprocal cycles of irradiation are needed.
・It is difficult for men's beards and mustaches that need higher output power to produce results.

With the latest light technology "THR"


・The latest THR light combining high efficiency and safety!
・Stable light output is possible when multiple shots are fired!
・Wavelength region specialized for good depilation results and light that easily penetrates into the skin!

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